Hello everyone!!!

I am Monal. This is my first blog. I am first year uni student and studying Bachelor of Accountancy online.

I live in Brisbane. I am full time mum of two lovely kids. My husband works for mining company.

I am originally from India. I love travelling and cooking. We are here in Australia for 6 years now.. time flies..

We were in Mackay for three years and then spent couple of years in Gladstone. It’s now one year, I am in Brisbane and just loving the city.

Before arriving Australia, we were in Taiwan, it’s small beautiful island between China and Japan. We stayed there for 7 years and enjoyed our stay experiencing traditional Chinese culture.

I am returning to studies after almost more than 20 years. I completed STEPS course last year through CQU.

I am looking forward to start my uni journey and meet new friends here!!!

from Monal.

5 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hi Monal,
    Firstly your blog looks great, I love how you are always updating with new information and are so willing to receive feedback. So far your assessment 1 looks awesome, just one bit of advice is to read over your assessment items before you submit them as there are some minor grammar and wording errors but nothing thats not easy to fix.

    Best of luck with your study,

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